Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wanting to Live by myself to know myself (Asking for Your Help )

Hi Everyone,

Its been awhile been trying to pull My Life together after all of this Hell!!!!

Never thought I would be the last of My Family still Living without them :( and now trying to find My way in this World is both hard and scary at the same time.
Wished I had someone to turn to instead of having to Live with other People Mainly Men.
Want to live by myself to get to know myself but can't afford that right now and wished I had some People to care about Me to help Me get on my feet.

My Daughter Lives in Michigan she is newly wed and I would Love to have My Own Place close to her as she is all I have left and two other Grown Children which are Married and Living there Life's :) so I am asking anyone that has been following My Story to reach out and help Me to get My own place and let me get over this Gut wrenching Nightmare and get to know who I am???

You can reach me at or Facebook Debbie Lynn Hall ( Laforest) I have went thru Life always Married and since My Hubby died in My Arms and the fatal fire that claimed the rest of My Family then finding out My Missing Mother was Murdered :( I am ready to throw the towel in:( I kow I should be stronger then that!!!!

But sick of having to be with a Man to have a place to stay and I refuse to do it again!!!
Would Love to Live by Myself to finish My Book and have peace and quiet without having to feel obligated to be someones Wife or Girlfriend!! if this is what Life is offering I would rather join My Family:(:(

So Please if You can help Me get on My Feet and move into My own place get ahold of Me.

Thank You.

Sincerely Debbie Hall. 

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